1 year cert: £29.00 GBP
2 year cert: £53.00 GBP
3 year cert: £73.00 GBP
4 year cert: £89.00 GBP
5 year cert: £104.00 GBP

AlphaSSL Wildcard

1 year cert: £100.00 GBP
2 year cert: £180.00 GBP
3 year cert: £246.00 GBP
4 year cert: £300.00 GBP
5 year cert: £350.00 GBP

AlphaSSL Wildcard Certificate

AlphaSSL Wildcard from just £70.00 GBP per year.

We offer multi-year certificates with 25% off each additional year after the first. See the reduced prices below.


Looking to renew your certificate and need help? Try our How To Renew page.

Possible Uses of This Certificate

The AlphaSSL Wildcard (and also the AlphaSSL) is ideal for:
• ecommerce, taking payments through a third party payment gateway
• all login forms (username / password submission)
• submission of personal data (such as delivery address)

To accept payments directly on your website we HIGHLY recommend a professional grade GlobalSign certificate, please visit for full details and our prices, or contact our sales team.

This certificate offers medium data encryption but no corporate identity.

Siteseals for your website.

The AlphaSSL Wildcard comes with a choice of two static siteseals and a dynamic siteseal for you to display on your site. All siteseals assure your customers that your site is secured by an AlphaSSL certificate. SSL Secure Site Secure Site Seal Example of the dynamic AlphaSSL siteseal

A non-clickable example

To see working siteseals and to get the code for your siteseal, visit our AlphaSSL siteseals page

Features of the AlphaSSL Wildcard certificate

If your web site uses multiple sub-domains and you need to secure more than just one of them, you can save time, money and effort by using an AlphaSSL Wildcard Certificate. A Wildcard SSL certificate issued to * can be used to secure an unlimited number of sub-domains on the same domain name, such as:


Secure multiple sites with a single SSL Certificate. Get the same strong SSL security but with the added convenience of managing a single SSL Certificate.

Features of the AlphaSSL Wildcard certificate, at a glance:

  • Fast issuance. Issued in around 5 minutes
  • 256 bit SSL (maximum strength!)
  • Free Secured by AlphaSSL siteseal, choice of three!
  • Top class technical support by phone, email and web
  • 99% recognition - Fully supported by all browsers and mobile devices
  • Own trusted root CA certificate present in all browsers!
  • Ideal for lower levels of ecommerce and all login / data submission security
  • Installs on all web servers very easily
  • Free reissues for the lifetime of the certificate
  • No risk refund policy
  • Get your SSL certificate 24/7
  • 7 day refund policy
  • A standard AlphaSSL option (non-wildcard) is available

AlphaSSL Wildcard Certificates supported by all Popular Browsers & Web Servers
AlphaSSL Trusted Browsers AlphaSSL Trusted Browsers

AlphaSSL Wildcard Retail
GBP Yearly
1 Year£165.17£100.00£65.17

2 Years£297.18£180.00£117.18

3 Years£405.97£246.00£159.97

4 Years£495.52£300.00£195.52

5 Years£578.44£350.00£228.44


The ProntoSSL prices above offer discounts of between 39.4% and 39.5% on the RRP.

Some prices and comparisons are liable to fluctuate with the varying exchange rates. The RRP prices have been taken from the supplier's website in Pounds Sterling, US Dollars and Euros where available. ProntoSSL also has fixed prices in Pounds Sterling, US Dollars and Euros. For other currencies, we have converted at the current exchange rate.


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