• The SSL term can refer to the https:// protocol which secures all communication to and from a website, or it can refer to the certificates (key pairs) which make the security happen.

    SSL allows sensitive information such as credit card numbers and login details to be transmitted securely. Without SSL, the data sent to and from a website is in plain text, so anyone with the knowledge to intercept it can read it.

    SSL certificates can easily be created by anyone, but only SSL certificates from a trusted Certification Authority will be trusted by a browser. Any self generated certificates will give instant security warnings to all visitors advising them to leave the website.

    SSL certificates should be used to secure websites where any of the follow are used:
        • usernames and passwords
        • identity and social security numbers
        • e-mail addresses
        • demographic information
        • account registration

    As well as securing websites, SSL certificates can be used to encrypt the connections to:
        • email servers (IMAP, POP and SMTP)
        • FTP servers
        • Unified Communications
        • Databases
        • Internet Chat
        • NNTP
        • and many more applications.

    If you would like more information on SSL, please feel free to contact us.

  • All suppliers have 4 stages to purchasing SSL certificates:
        • Decide which SSL product is most appropriate for your needs and place an order
        • Generate a CSR and upload it to your order
        • Validate your order with the Certification Authority
        • Install the certificate on your server.

    Our easy purchase process works like this:
    1. Select your SSL certificate and add it to the cart
    2. Make your payment
    3. Instruction on how to upload the CSR will be sent via email

    For help on generating a CSR on your server, please visit our help page.

    All Certification Authorities have slightly different methods of validating your order.
    They will contact you directly when they need to
    Further information can be found on our help page.
    If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

    We have links to installation instructions on our help page.

  • Renewing an expiring SSL certificate is very similar to buying a new one.
    As before, you place an order with us, upload your CSR and after the order has been vetted by the Certification Authority, a new certificate is issued for you to install.

    Q. Can I re-use my old CSR?
    Some web servers will allow this, but we recommend (for security reasons) a new CSR for every renewal.
    If you use the original CSR and someone has previously acquired the Private Key without your knowledge then you are still at risk of attacks during encrypted sessions.
    If you use a new CSR then anyone possessing the previous Private Key looses the ability to decrypt your encrypted sessions when you apply the new certificate issued from the new CSR.
    So, in short, yes it is sometimes possible but it is highly recommended to generate a new CSR each time you place an order.

  • If you are a website designer, web host or other internet professional, talk to us about a reseller account.

    Many of your customers will require SSL certificates. If this is a service you offer or are considering offering in the future, our discounted rates will assist you with making SSL Certificates become a reliable revenue stream for your business.

    With over 10 years experience in the SSL industry, competitive reseller pricing and excellent support, we will quickly become your chosen supplier

    For further information or to apply for a reseller account, please feel free to contact us.

  • Help !

    Unsure which SSL certificate you need?
    How to install your SSL certificate...
    CSR generation instructions.

    All this and more from our Help page.

  • SSL Certificates

ProntoSSL reselling Comodo's Positive SSL Certificates and GeoTrust's RapidSSL Certificates

ProntoSSL has teamed up with Comodo and RapidSSL to offer standard and wildcard SSL certificates at discounted prices.

Positive SSL and RapidSSL are our range of cheap SSL certificates offering basic SSL security for your website. These standard certificates will secure a single website address, whereas the wildcard certificates will secure an unlimited amount of sub-domains (on the same tier).

Contact us with any questions you may have regarding our Positive SSL or RapidSSL certificates; how to buy SSL certificates or how to install your SSL certificate after purchase.