Renewing Your SSL Certificate

When can I renew?

You can renew your SSL certificate at 30 days or less, before the expiry date.
The new SSL certificate will be valid immediately upon issue and any remaining time will be added to the expiry date (see below)

Can I renew with a different type of SSL Certificate?

No, you can purchase a different type of SSL certificate but this is not the same as renewing.
A new certificate will be valid for 1 year from the date of issue, whereas a renewed certificate will be valid for 1 year from the expiry date of your current certificate.
A renewal is purchasing the same SSL certificate to secure exactly the same domain or domains.

How do I renew?

Simply place another order for the same product as your expiring SSL certificate.
Just as before, you will need a CSR. We strongly advise you to generate a new CSR / private key pair for every renewal.
Your renewal order will also need validating in the same way as your original order.
When your new SSL certificate is issued, simply install it on all servers where your expiring SSL certificate is currently installed.